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Welcome to the CLEX website!

CLEX – Cross Linguistic Lexical Norm – is a web service where everyone interested in children’s early languages acquisition can get a chance to search for norms in children’s early language based on studies from different MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDIs) studies.

Adaptations of the CDIs have been developed in a number of languages other than English.
On this website it is currently possible to search in Danish, Croatian, German, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Norwegian, American English, Russian, Turkish and Swedish CDI studies – and we hope to welcome more languages in the future.

The website is presented in an article in Journal of Child language. Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen, Philip S. Dale, Dorthe Bleses & Larry Fenson (2009) CLEX: A cross-linguistic lexical norms database..

The CLEX-project was presented at the IASCL conference in Montréal. You can see the poster here. As a part of the poster an Ipad displayed a introduction video of the website. The video can be seen here.

Please notice that this website is no longer being maintained. The data form this page and much more can now be found on Wordbank

This website is sponsored by the CDI advisory Board and Center for Child Language and is maintained by Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen (CCL).

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