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About CLEX
About CLEX

At the annual CDI advisory Board meeting in San Diego January 2007 it was suggested to develop an integrated website, where researchers, pediatricians, students and others with interest in CDI-studies, can access specific data from (to begin with) the English-American, Spanish-American and Danish CDI studies.

The aim with this website is to create a dynamic website, where you have the opportunity to create graphs and tables from the CDI dataset.
The website makes it possible to access some of the world’s largest corpora with CDI-data. It is our ambition to provide you with the opportunity to explore the full dataset available and generate whatever table and graph from the data that is of you interest.

The website allows users to make queries on almost all aspects of the dataset – from a single item, a single section of the parent report and up to total scores on the dataset – and make comparisons between the different languages where this makes sense. Another facility is the option to get access to different selected top 10’s and general norms for the different studies. All queries can be added parameters like age span, gender etc., and allow the users to generate almost all imaginable results, which may open up new possibilities for comparisons with other CDI-studies or studies in child language in general.

It is our hope that Students, clinicians and parents with a special interest in their children’s language should potentially get a new and easy access to norms and patterns in the early lexical development.

This site is sponsored by the CDI advisory Board and Center for Child Language and is maintained by Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen (CCL).

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