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The Danish CDI

Users of these norms for Danish should cite Bleses, Vach, Wehberg & Faber:

Users of norms for other languages should cite the publication specified on the introductory page for the language in question.

Danish - Words & Gestures

Data from the following studies are based on the Danish adaptation of the American-English questionnaire "The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI)"

The Danish cross-sectional CDI studies:
Words & Gestures part
sentences checklists includes xxx items
Age 8 – 20 months
Study includes 2398 children

More detailed information on the conduct of the Danish CDI studies can be found in:
Andersen, Vach, Wehberg & Bleses (2006): Conduct of the Danish CDI Studies. Working papers, Center for Child Language e-prints, No 1.

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