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The Turkish CDI

Users of these norms for Turkish should cite
Aksu-Koç, A., Küntay, A., Acarlar, F., Maviş, İ., Sofu, H., Topbaş, S., & Turan, F. (2009). Türkçe'de Erken Sözcük ve Dilbilgisi Gelişimini Ölçme ve Değerlendirme Çalışması Türkçe İletişim Gelişimi Envanterleri: TİGE-I ve TİGE-II. TÜBİTAK'a sunulmuş rapor, Proje No: 107K058. (The assessment and evaluation of early lexical and grammatical deveopment in Turkish: The Turkish Communicative Development Inventories, TIGE-I and TIGE-II. Final report of Project Proje No: 107K058, submitted to Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Foundation.)

Users of norms for other languages should cite the publication specified on the introductory page for the language in question.

Turkish - Words & Gestures

Data from the following studies are based on the Turkish adaptation of the American-English questionnaire "The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI)". This form is called Tige-I.

The Vocabulary checklist includes 418 items.
Age 8 – 16 months.
Study includes 1116 children: 549 male, 567 female. Three different levels of mother education are represented.
for mothers with education less than or equal to 5 years, N= 341;
for mothers with education for 6-11 years, N= 491
for mothers with education more than 11 years, N = 284

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