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The Quebec French CDI

 Users of the norms for the Mots et énoncés inventory should cite
Trudeau, N. & Sutton, A. (2011). Expressive vocabulary and early grammar of 16- to 30-month-old children acquiring Quebec French. First Language, 31, 480-507.

Users of norms for other languages should cite the publication specified on the introductory page for the language in question.

Quebec French - Words & Sentences

Data from the following studies are based on the Quebec-French adaptation of the American-English questionnaire "The MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDI)

The Quebec-French cross-sectional CDI norming study:
Words & Gestures (Mots et gestes)
Study includes 538 children between 8 – 16 months
The sentence compréhension section includes 27 items
The vocabulary checklists includes 408 items
The gesture checklist includes 64 items

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